Creating Effective Solutions

Swindon Powertrain is led by a core team of innovative, highly experienced engineers who challenge the ordinary to deliver the extraordinary. It is this lateral thinking and holistic understanding of traditional and contemporary methods of vehicle propulsion which drives the business to create cutting edge powertrain solutions for OEMs, vehicle specialists and the motorsport industry. Our ISO9001 quality accredited facilities in the UK and France cater for the management of both ICE and EV powertrain projects, from concept design to final build and testing.

Design & Simulation

Our team of engineers strive for maximum efficiency, optimum performance, minimum losses and cost-effectiveness through their unrivalled passion, talent, and reactivity. We have extensive expertise in the design and simulation of both ICE components and EV powertrains systems

Services include:

  • 3D Computer Aided Design (Catia V5)
  • Finite Element Analysis / Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Valvetrain, Cranktrain and Bearing Calculation
  • Power Modelling and Vehicle Straight Line Simulation

Mechanical Manufacturing

Swindon Powertrain boasts a long tradition of high precision machining, manufacturing finished products with excellent functionality and immaculate finish. Our machine shop includes 5 & 7 axis CNC machines complimented by the latest Siemens NX programming and simulation support. We pride ourselves on providing unrivalled lead times and accurate delivery dates, ensuring the success of our powertrain programs.

We have extensive expertise in the manufacture of:

  • Casings (cylinder heads, e-motor housings)
  • Cylinder head porting
  • Complex shafts (camshafts, crankshafts)
  • Mechanical components with complex manufacturing processes inc heat treatment, grinding

Electrical Manufacturing

From point-to-point assemblies to complex complete vehicle wiring looms and vehicle integration, our experienced personnel focus on quality, optimum lead times and cost effectiveness. All wiring assemblies are extensively tested to the highest standards before packaging to guarantee an optimum, fault-free functionality.

Typical Services:

  • Full vehicle wiring loom
  • Fuel tank looms
  • HV Electric Vehicle power cables
  • Box builds


A team of dedicated calibration engineers and technicians operate our climate-controlled testing facilities and dyno cells. Whether its proof of performance at a component level, or Calibration of a full powertrain assembly, Swindon Powertrain have the facilities and knowledge to optimise both ICE and EV propulsion systems.

Our capabilities:

  • ICE component testing
  • ICE test bed
  • EV calibration & efficiency mapping
  • EV durability testing


In order to offer a complete solution to our customers it is essential to bring all the elements together into an effective package. Our experienced technicians assemble internal combustion engines for the top motorsport series in the world. It is this attention to detail and dedication that enable us to support with EV conversions and other sub-assembly projects.

Area’s of expertise:

  • Precision ICE Assembly
  • Transmission system assembly
  • EV system sub-assembly
  • EV battery builds

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