Swindon Powertrain was selected as the engineering partner for Hemmels for the Electric Pagoda. Utilising the HPD L for its exceptional power density, our engineers worked alongside the customer to design an integration package to convert this timeless classic into something truly exceptional in the 21st century.

Starting with a 3D scan of the body, our team set to work on packaging the components sympathetically to the original vehicle. With the location of the components confirmed and designs of bespoke parts finalised, relevant components were sourced, manufactured and assembled in the vehicle. Electrical integration of both high and low voltage systems was carried out by our team of engineers and IPC trained technicians. Once the installation was complete, our engineers performed a thorough calibration and testing regime before handing the car over to the customer.

With the demonstrator vehicle completed, Swindon Powertrain will continue to provide integration kits for Hemmels to install as part of their restoration process. The finished product will bring high performance, splendour, and comfort to this modernised legendary classic.


Top speed180kmh / 112mph
0-100 kmh 4.8 s
Motor Power 200 kW
Charge Time 8.5 hrs
Battery Capacity 56 kW.h